Movies in Your Mind - album, June 2016

Middle age comedown? Parental Chillout? This ones in a genre to its own. Largely instrumental, sitar led, on themes of middle age, memories, dreams and distant places.

Musically, it’s got psychedelic soul, Spacemen 3, moog based mind expansion, the rolling stones on an instrumental country sitar trip, adolescent embarrassment, middle age memory loss, and a Primal Scream hypnotic dub episode that goes for approximately three hours!

You can download the whole album from this link next, or track by track below. If you find yourself with a burning urge to part with some cash, it's available on vinyl from our bandcamp, and in store at Mojo Record Bar here in Sydney.

download The Love Explosion 'Movies in Your Mind' - full album with cover art, zip file 74mb


Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful mp3, 7mb
Unlikely as it sounds now, i did in my youth attend discos. I have experienced the talcum powdered flurry of the Northern Soul danceteria.
And now, these memories seem to mutate and blend with other musaks. It’s certainly a dance number this one, but the Velvet Underground, a sexy robot, and someone with a Sitar appear to have been invited. It sounds...

The Private Art mp3, 6mb
Enough dancing and having fun. I’m an old git, and i want to complain about things. But also, express gratitude for a wonderful life that has allowed me to experience all these things to complain about.
Best address this complicated conundrum in a 3 minute pop song - that’ll clear everything up.

Hawaii Six O mp3, 5mb
Right now, we need a holiday! The transplanted sand of Waikiki beach? The International House Of Pancakes ? A Chaffee tank outside Fort DeRussy, as the beachgoers drift by. The lunar black landscapes of the big island stretching on endlessly. Whales seen off the beach of Waimea bay. The funny sense of encountering real Americans, free from the distortion of a tv screen. It wasn’t bad at all.

Movies in Your Mind mp3, 4.4mb
A sitar Gong groove. My son had been telling me about dreams, and described them as being like 'movies in your mind'...

Parramassala mp3, 7mb
Music for Sydney suburbs (and second cities). This one takes us to the changing west-asia of Parramatta; a serene afternoon, walking along the once junk cluttered river, amidst fields of Corellas.
I might be in the minority thinking this a good idea, but imagine if Sticky Fingers started with Moonlight Mile, and got more mellow?

Garden mp3, 4mb
Acid in the garden. We've all been there. Lets join hands and reflect on what we have learnt.

Teenage Virgin Vandals mp3, 5mb
Hammer Film Productions present Dennis Waterman, Linda Hayden & Caroline Munro; in an orgy of gothic horror, politically incorrect dialogue, and really rather appealing saturated 70's film stock.

Or more accurately: You remember teenage friends? The ones you explored juvenile delinquency with? Are you still friends today? Or did it get, um, weird...
This was a topic i found myself stewing over - where did they go? What had i done wrong?

Unfortunately the Love Explosion rules on 'heartfelt songwriting' are unflinching. Must be re-submitted as a farce, and performed in the manner of Bill Wyman on Their Satanic Majesties Request. They're the rules, and that’s what you've got.

The Hypnotic Ecstasy of Ocean Swimming mp3, 5mb
Swimming distances in ocean water; the ebb of the swell lifting your body up and down, the rhythm as your arms reach and pull, occasional glimpses of the shore as you turn to breathe, then light refracted through the shallows of the water, to the depth sometimes dark and scary, or closer to the shore fish, huge weed waving rocks, sand banks, underwater currents moving the weed and sand below. As the exhaustion grows, it becomes a trance state; too tired to daydream, mind clears, and it becomes just the rhythm, the breath and sensations. Then there is the beach; the sand beneath is closer now but not close enough, feel the waves grow and lift, there is fear, if the wave breaks, can you ride the whitewater, or tumble uncontrolled as you are dumped. Eventually, feet touch the sand. Taking googles off, looking back, it’s a feeling of elation.

This track was improvised, after a morning swim from Manly to Shelly beach and back, with these amusing characters.

Sakurajima : a dub symphony in three parts mp3, 13mb
I'd always been hoping Primal Scream would do a follow up to their own 'Higher than the Sun : a dub symphony in two parts'. After about 25 years of waiting, i got a bit impatient, and decided to do it myself. Lazy bastards.

Well that's the record - there should be some laughs, and some sublime moments in there. Got a mailing list going, if you're interested in Love Explosion occasional counter cultural activities