Head Rush, on Fruits de Mer records, May 17 2021

Almost two years ago, we got in touch with Fruits de Mer head honcho Keith, who was on the lookout for motorik inspired tracks for an upcoming compilation. It was a dream come true - a label we dig, a whole compilation of grooviness, what could possibly go wrong?

At last, May 17 2021: triple vinyl + bonus cd, modern bands exploring the endless psychedelic rivulets and streams of motorik! It's already showing as sold out on Norman records head rush @ norman records uk, but Keith mentions the possiblity of more copies coming. Visit Fruits de Mer to get your prog/psych/krautrock nutritional requirements filled.

What about something new?

Coming. There is an album nearing completion, exploring kosmiche, motorik, organic analogue bleeps and slow motion fuzz. Join our mailing list for updates

What about spruking the old stuff?

The best of the bunch remains 'Movies in Your Mind', our sitar led 'parental chillout' album from 2016. You can read about the songs and download it for free here.

The others have their moments too; you can find them all on our Bandcamp.


Stay groovy, new album soon!